Our Services

Our aim is to create business value through stand design.


Our project management team addresses and manages all agreements and contacts for our customers. This includes coordinating all phases of the exhibition stand with venue organizers, contracting the delivery of products, and receiving approval of the stand including utilities. We’re an innovative, turnkey company and our project managers have many years of experience enabling us to fulfill all customer requirements as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Before we start to create and innovate on any conceptual design or idea, we ensure that we understand our client’s entire concept and the ideas for their company’s brand, target audience, and client market. The tasks we define will be determined once we meet with the client and will be set forth accordingly. In fact, the stand we design will be based on the client’s concept explained at the pre-planning phase, which will enable us to begin working on the “stand project” for our client.


The design features of the stand we create for our clients will be both functional and appealing and will attract those who see it when they pass by. Not only will it ensure the powerful impact of presentation, colorful design, and visualization, but our clients will be delighted to know that it will be designed and planned by some of the best professionals in the industry.


Almost all of the elements of the exhibition stand are produced in-house and assembled in our workshop. In fact, our professional workshop is constructed particularly for decorating, painting, and woodworking. In addition, we also perform the electrical and mechanical engineering during the production stage. We also do some manual production and assembly, although the manual specifications of the work will be determined by the stated requirements. The final product will match your specifications and will be ready to be displayed when scheduled.


We combine the power of innovative, original design with precision craftsmanship allowing us to easily reuse or update your existing custom stand saving your company money when attending future exhibitions. If you so desire, we can dismantle and ship the stand and your products back and store them in our facilities until your next event. We turn every new challenge into an opportunity to work rigorously and with creativity.